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What can I expect from a Reflexology session?

-You should expect a very pleasant, relaxing experience. Most people tend to fall asleep during a reflexology session. Sometimes you will find sensitive areas in the foot. This could be for several reasons like natural sensitivity, stress or it could indicate that there is something going on elsewhere in the body. Extra attention may be given to these areas to stimulate the body to correct itself. Relaxation techniques will always be used to keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Results of a session may be felt immediately or not for 24 to 48 hours afterwards. After a session you may feel more energized than usual or you could have the opposite sensation and be a little more tired. Both are normal. You may need to go to the bathroom more as the body eliminates toxins. This is normal as well. You can get a Reflexology session as often as you like but generally to maintain good health once a week or once every two weeks is sufficient.

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